About Us

Abramo Community, a private association of the faithful, was founded in 1989, and is a member of Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships of pontifical right; it promotes a journey of conversion and spiritual growth in the praise of God the Father, a profound interior renewal in Christ Jesus, and the docility to the action and call of the Holy Spirit. All this is done by taking Mary the mother of God as a model of prayer, through an intense sacramental and liturgical life, and a genuine appreciation of the Catholic Tradition of prayer and spirituality.

Of utmost importance is the commitment towards the new evangelization, through the proclamation of the Word of God to nonbelievers and to nonpracticing Christians with a particular focus on the family, youth, school and social life. An evangelization accompanied by the permanent formation of committed and mature laypersons who are empowered to give a reason for their faith and to share in the responsibility of the life and action of the Church.

Abramo Community promotes an active evangelization where the Kerygmatic announcement becomes pastoral care and responds to the question of spirituality and formation, by transforming the various modes of thought and action into an authentic Christian humanism.

The Communty adopts the call of Jesus to be a witness to Charity in Truth by concretely addressing the contemporary spiritual and material poverty by promoting the integral development of the human person. Furthermore, the cultural centre “Fides et Ratio” in collaboration with the “Sciat ut Serviat” Theology Students Association intends to cultivate the cultural dimension of the faith with a particular focus on educational challenges.

Abramo Community wants to deepen and spread Pope Francis’s appeal to “go out of ourselves” to go “towards others”, those most distant, the ones most in need of consolation and help, to the “existential peripheries” in order to bring them the living presence of the merciful Jesus following the “logic of the Cross”: the gift of oneself which brings life.

However, we cannot be witnesses if we first do not experience in our own life the joy of being comforted and loved by Him; only after this we can be close to our brothers and sisters, whether they are near or far. The Community is present in Italy, Spain and Malta.