Abramo's band| Joy team| international mime| Dj Alejandro| Summer 2015

SATURDAY 11, Burmarrad

SUNDAY12, Republic Street (Valletta)

MONDAY 13, St. Anna square (Sliema)

WEDNESDAY 15, Tignè Point (Sliema)

THURSDAY 16, Waterfront

FRIDAY 17, Imqabba

Rassegna Stampa

The Purpose

In a situation of spiritual desertification today’s males and females are in serious risk of living an unhappy solitary life in spite of being surrounded by huge quantities of  consumer goods. Pope Francis reminds us that one of the biggest challenges for the Church in Europe is that of finding efficient methods so that the Evangelical light enters into a relation with the urgent problems the continent will have to face.

For this purpose he encourages us to be in a position to offer to the various sectors of society a more coherent and happy witnessing which awakens our consciences. Reacting to the call for a collective effort to rebuild Europe, which is a very important reference point for all humanity,  the Abramo Community will be holding a full week of activities from 11 to 18 July 2015

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Saturday 11

Sunday 12

Monday 13

Wednesday 15

Thursday 16

Friday 17

Saturday 18

Our mission

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